The simple and ingenious solution for the protection of logistics


    The simple and ingenious solution for the protection of logistics


RETROSTOP is the answer to a problem that is well known to the logistics sector: the repeated knocks by trailers and above all the oscillations of the loading platform of motor vehicles which inevitably cause the breakage and uprooting of the traditional rubber buffers fastened to the drop sides.

Retrostop consists of two independent pieces: the metal support, for fastening onto structures and the “armed” lifter fitted into the support.

The lifter has a steel rail and whole protected strong spring, which allows to follow vertical oscillations. This prevent a fast consume of the spring caused by the rubbing of the tows during the load and unload of the goods.

Moreover, the compound used for the rubber cushion features high energy dissipation, which ensures return to original shapes and dimensions, even after several extreme pressures.

Retrostop cannot be broken or uprooted. At most it comes off, and putting it back on costs nothing!

Impressive robustness

Due to the interaction of rubber and steel.

Easy installation

Simple and fast fixation on the ramp.

Reduction of costs

Avoid maintenance costs for the repair of the ramps.

Experience and quality

Over 50 years of experience combined with the exclusive usage of high quality material.

by Guernaccini s.r.l.

RETROSTOP is the solution to a problem that is common to all warehouses and haulers

With RETROSTOP, the trailer is forced to stop at the right distance, the drops are protected and the buffers are able to carry out their function for a long time.

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